The pursuit of beauty on canvas always intrigues me. My curiosity led me to investigate this matter in the area of aesthetics. As a researching artist in relation to my artistic journey, a new terminology was developed to address the internal processes of art production concerning aesthetics that I refer to as inflexive aesthetics. While the idea of beauty keeps changing in the epoch of art history, in my art practice, beauty manifests itself. My love for impressions and abstractions allows me to oscillate between the two genres. It is where intentionality, influence and intuition synergize together in varying degrees, marking a change or a spark in the creative production that leads to an aesthetic outcome. Inflexion is the art process that bridges the gap between concept and style by which the aesthetics is expressed. My works showcase the many manifestations of beauty according to my intentions under current influences brought about by intuitive decisions.

I feel so fortunate to have completed my Master’s Degree in Fine Arts and Design at the Philippine Women’s University this year, 2017. It was my art scholarship led me to pursue a B.A. degree in Art Studio at the University of California, Santa Barbara in 1992. After my education, I flew back to the Philippines where I am now a full-time artist. I started my solo exhibit in 1996. I am still pursuing my visions on canvas and am happy to share my reflections with the world.


  • 2017
    “Inflexions,” Galerie Francesca.
  • 2016
    “The Unfolding,” Ricco Renzo Galleries.
  • 2012
    “Manila Revisited,” Galeria Roces.
    “Mood Swings,” Ricco Renzo Galleries.
  • 2010
    “Wired,” White Wall Gallery.
  • 2009
    “Lost In Translation,” Ricco Renzo Galleries.
    “Figure Out,” Arias Artspace.
  • 2008
    “Different Strokes,” Rockwell, Yellow Door Gallery.
  • 2006
    “Primary Delight,” Uva, Yellow Door Gallery.
    “Sentimental Journey,”  Rockwell,  Yellow Door Gallery.
  • 2005
    “Water,” Renaissance Gallery.
    “False Impressions,” Pinto Art Gallery.
    “Spring Shift,” Ricco Renzo Galleries
  • 2004
    “Union of Contrasts,” Big and Small Art Gallery.
    “Breakdown Analysis,” Galerie Astra.
  • 2003
    “Breathing Space,” Big and Small Gallery.
  • 2000
    “Search,” Ma’I Room of the Ayala Museum.
  • 1998
    “Second Coming,” Lopez Museum Gallery, Benpress Building.
  • 1996
    “Unspoken Thoughts,” Lopez Museum Gallery, Benpress Building.
    “Casa Manila,” West Gallery.

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